TISS provides a business plan for employability enhancement

SkillingIndia on September 18, 2012 Comments
R C Datta, Bino Paul, Sony, Jayaraman, Raghavendra & Vikash

Unemployment and inadequacies in vocational training have been important issues which

is prevalent in the Indian labour market since independence, when the growth rate of the
nation was sluggish. India had an agrarian based economy in the initial decades. With the
changing times, as of today the rate of job growth is higher than increase in population,
however due to a large backlog in the unemployed workforce; the rate of unemployment
is still on a rise. The Indian economy has now shifted to a predominantly services based
economy contributing to around 55% of the GDP with agriculture taking a back seat
especially in last five years. In spite of the slant towards the services sector the majority
of the workforce in India is still employed in agricultural activities…to read the full paper download Employability Enhancement

Source: TISS

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