TISS discusses about the journey of jobless growth to inclusive growth in India

SkillingIndia on July 20, 2012 Comments
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Jobless growth is a reality in India’s recent development story. Policy changes in the demand side of the labour market alone (such as moving away from capital intensive methods) for the purpose of inclusive growth will generate greater mismatches in the labour market. Recognizing that, Indian education system has not created employable labour force, which is an important milestone. Quite strikingly, the pattern emerging in this paper, the dichotomy between symmetric and asymmetric distribution of educational level at disaggregate unit, such as district, points to the need for rethinking about appropriate regional employability strategies, addressing access issues for the regions having high degree of asymmetry in the distribution of human capital, while deepening of human capital by broadening education system for regions with high degree of symmetry of human capital.

Addressing the regional disparity is an important leap towards inclusive growth. Also, what is more critical is establishing some mechanisms to bridge the gap between the world of learning and world of work, for which life-long learning has yet to be a policy strategy.

In the dynamic market employment is more close to entrepreneurship, rather than a position gained for life-long livelihood. In this sense, a worker’s knowledge, skills, personal traits including attitude becomes critical at work place to move between the continuums of employability-employment entrepreneurship….to read the full paper download Jobless Growth

Source: TISS

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