Infosys 3.0 strategy offers new career avenues

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Infosys is hiring & developing talent in the areas of cloud, mobility, sustainability & product development.

Srikantan Moorthy, Senior Vice President and Group Head of Infosys states,Competencies of people have to match the needs of the business.”

SkillingIndia: With the upcoming new technology trends companies are shifting focus from people-intensive to product/platform delivery models. How will this affect the employment market in the IT sector in India?

Srikantan Moorthy: As the IT industry matures the focus on non-linear growth is natural. This evolution makes it imperative for them to invest in product and platforms with non-conventional delivery models. This would mean that a lot of solutions would be pre-developed and will be customized to meet client requirements, reducing the time to market for clients. This will also require those kinds of competencies in people working in the industry, which has to correspondingly go up.

SkillingIndia: How can customers’ expectations be managed in terms of skills needed for doing work that keeps changing and people need to continuously upgrade and adapt fast to their demands?

Srikantan Moorthy: Being relevant to clients requires professionals in the industry to constantly upgrade their knowledge and skills. Both organizations and professionals have a role to play in ensuring that the skills are kept current and relevant. At Infosys, continuous learning is a key focus. We have always been innovative in our approach to education and have several programs to help our employees grow with the organization and progress in their career. Our in-house Education and Research function offers round-the-year instructor-led and e-learning programs for employees in various technology, management and behavioural skills. New programs are constantly added based on client inputs and market trends.

SkillingIndia: What kind of technologies does Infosys plan to adopt to build 3.0 centers that it visualizes? What kind of skill sets will it demand? What kind of initiatives will Infosys focus on to develop a talent pool for that?

Srikantan Moorthy: Infosys has always been ahead of the curve in hiring and creating talent for cutting edge technologies to drive growth in newer verticals. We are currently hiring and developing talent in the areas of cloud, mobility, sustainability and product development. In addition, a key focus is also consultative skills. All of these are in line with our Infosys 3.0 strategy. We place significant value on continuous learning and knowledge sharing. New learning opportunities based on the needs of Infosys 3.0 are being made available to our people.

SkillingIndia: Innovation has played a major role in Infosys success story. How is it helping in attracting and retaining skilled talent for the company?

Srikantan Moorthy: In the knowledge-driven economy, collaborative innovation is the foundation of organizational progress. Today’s workforce places greater significance to career development and experience gained on the job. Hierarchy takes a back seat while growth and learning opportunities remain at the forefront.

Our increased focus on the products and platforms space, in line with our Infosys 3.0 strategy, provides opportunities for employees to explore new avenues and create new offerings – it helps to foster an entrepreneurial spirit. We are working on cutting edge technologies to deliver world class products, platforms and solutions such as Infosys WalletEdge, BrandEdge, Cloud Ecosystem Hub, etc. thereby providing ample opportunities for growth and career advancement. All of these helps Infosys attract and retain the best talent in the market.

SkillingIndia: Currently, what challenges is Infosys facing in terms of acquiring the right talent? Which initiatives will assist Infosys in overcoming these challenges?

Srikantan Moorthy: Competencies of people have to match the needs of the business. Recognizing the industry-academia skill gap, Infosys works in collaboration with the academic community to bridge the gap. We have several academia outreach programs, such as SPARK and Campus Connect, to help build a more industry ready workforce by enhancing the pool of talent required for the growth in the Information Technology space. We also conduct an intensive 23-week residential training program to help new recruits transition smoothly into the corporate world and attain the required skill sets.

Another focus area for us is lateral hiring, which is a challenge that the IT industry faces globally. As an organization, we continuously track workplace trends, as each geography that we operate in requires a unique approach. Our hiring strategy is based on our business strategy, aiming to recruit the best in class and provide ample career growth options for our employees.

SkillingIndia: What are the top five desired skills in the IT industry and why? Which initiatives are helping Infosys in developing its employees on the same?  

Srikantan Moorthy: Critical thinking, ability to apply theoretical concepts to solve real world problems, working effectively in team, good communication skills and business acumen are all critical for an IT professional. Learnability, which we define as the ability to make generic conclusions from specific instances and apply those to new problems is a key consideration for us during hiring.

At Infosys, we invest substantially in training and educating our workforce. The new recruits are put through an intense 23-week residential program, which helps them understand how to apply concepts to applications. The program involves a lot of practical exercises, which help graduates bridge any existing skill gaps. Additionally, we also provide new recruits with soft skill training and projects aimed at developing team work. Our continuous education programs are designed to deepen the competencies of our experienced people so that they can continue to add business value to our clients.

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