TISS discusses the concepts, indicators & practices of employability

In the context of emerging flexible labour market lifelong employment is receding. Technological changes and rapid product and service changes requires individuals with ability to adapt these change

TISS talks on issues pertaining to labour law reform in India

Despite of labour laws been widely studied for almost a decade and various recommendations to re-invent/evolve labour laws in the current leg of globalization, the issues pertaining to welfare of labo

Charles Tilley

Measuring the human dimension in business

Charles B Tilley, CEO of CIMA speaks on the global research done on “Talent pipeline draining growth” and “Valuing the human dimension”. Here are the excerpts of the interview: Talent

TISS provides a business plan for employability enhancement

Unemployment and inadequacies in vocational training have been important issues which is prevalent in the Indian labour market since independence, when the growth rate of the nation was sluggish

An insightful report by Kotak – The Great Unskilled: Can we fix it?

What are the challenges related to employability in India, what are the game changers that can overcome this situation. To read more download the full Kotak Institutional Equities Research report.  T

The CoRe study finds the competence requirements in early childhood education & care

Both horizontal and vertical mobility need to be further developed within the early years system; ‘dead-end jobs’ are no incentive for individual development (OECD, 2006; SEEPRO, 2010). The CoRe s

TISS discusses about the journey of jobless growth to inclusive growth in India

Jobless growth is a reality in India’s recent development story. Policy changes in the demand side of the labour market alone (such as moving away from capital intensive methods) for the purpose o


Is apprenticeship an effective way in skilling youth along with school?

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