Ashish Garg

Use social media to tap skilled manpower

Convergys expands its search for skilled candidates through social networking sites The use of social media for sourcing skilled manpower can make all the difference for recruiters looking for qu

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Skill Shortage: The real cause of unemployment?

Our nation’s population, which was once considered a bane, has turned out to be a blessing on the contrary. A book titled “Imagining India” by Infosys co-founder, Nandan Nilekani, reveals that

Wooing the Next Generation of Indian Academics

Can campuses be cloned? That's a question the Indian higher education community is grappling with as the government opens up additional locations of the Indian Institutes of Technology (IIT) and Ind

Educating India’s ‘Demographic Dividend’: The Role of the Private Sector

The growth prospects of the Indian economy depend to a large extent on how the country tackles certain issues of intellectual capital today. The concern largely centers on the much-debated demograph

‘Skills for All’ for inclusive growth

“It is only a matter of time before convergence emerges in the presence of too many players”, says RCM Reddy The need to provide skills to every individual is important as it helps make the i

Skills by choice not chance

Skill Development, vocational education and training are often treated as poor cousins of the academic route. This is despite the fact that millions of Indian workers are employed as skilled manpowe

Creating a Skills Revolution

In 1962, four days before the signing of the Manpower Development and Training Act, President John F. Kennedy, told US legislators that, “large scale unemployment during a recession is bad enough,

Puja Marwaha

Educating underprivileged children in India: Still miles to go…

Impact of RTE Act two years after its enforcement Access to education has always remained a longed for luxury for underprivileged children in our country. To overcome that, for the first time in


Skills recognized as priorities for training in insurance industry

Must have skills in insurance sector - Financial Planning & Advisory and Risk Management "We need to continuously invest in the skill development of every employee" - says Sandip Mallik

Ability ± Interest ± Job opportunity = Success? Strike the right equation!

Everyone dreams of getting into their aspired fields. But, how many such dreams are fulfilled? Conflicts between interest areas, skills sets and opportunities have been major roadblocks. Also, peopl

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Is apprenticeship an effective way in skilling youth along with school?

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