bouquet making

Up from the grassroots

The lifeline of a person’s employability is majorly dependent on his/her skills and knowledge. In order to be employable formal learning of particular skills – be it flower making, imparting mus

Puja Marwaha

The Indian Girl Child: State & the pursuit of gender parity

The alarmingly high number of rape cases registered in Haryana in the recent past, and the statements and reactions of some community leaders has brought the issue of women’s rights and gender par


Managing talent in a changing environment

People practices are an integral lever of driving the growth agenda of the organization. The corporate world is in a midst of a churn and is focused on building an enterprise for the future. The

Rajendra Ghag

Talent development in insurance sector

“Businesses could fill the leadership vacuum from their internal ranks if they know how to spot and develop their real potential leaders. But, they don’t, despite the enormous resources and thou

Col N B Saxena

A 2-track training system needed in construction industry

L&T carries out refresher courses and training at sites through mock ups, etc. for specific tasks. Finding the right skills in the construction industry is the biggest challenge. It is diffic

What does India need more: Multi-taskers or skilled domain specialists?

Technological convergence has brought the world together and made it a close knit unit. Most of the traditional ways of doing business and work has metamorphosed into tech-centric ways, thanks to th


Life skills for transformation

Life skills are needed to find a productive place in society as the economy changes by the day! Ask an average high school student in rural India any question and most likely you may have to repe

Puja Marwaha

The only work a child should have is homework

Moving towards giving a fulfilling childhood to every child in India! A 14-year old boy, Shambu Kumar of the Giridih district in Jharkhand would descend into a 10-foot pit to illegally mine coa

Paul Comyn

Skills system in India: Its key issues

ILO's perspective on the various issues that plague skills systems in India. The imperative for economic growth combined with concern over the social consequences of failing to offer liveliho

Dr Achar final

Opting to be an insurance entrepreneur?

  An insurance entrepreneur needs excellent market knowledge, apt skills & certain musts to develop a profitable entrepreneurial foray! There are a handful of industries outside the

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