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Options for financing professional education

“With professional education becoming a must for the youth, a student loan seems the most effective way to tide over these expenses,” says Paul. SkillingIndia: India is heading towards creati

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India’s demographic advantage could make it a “global service provider” for skilled talent

“If our young people are skilled appropriately, they would become an asset for the global skills demand & reduce the skills imbalance.” - Bansal SkillingIndia: What are the factors that a

Ashok Reddy

Job market uncertainties can lead to more temp hiring

"We believe the market will continue to stay consistently warm for now and will lead to incremental hiring," states, Ashok Reddy, MD, TeamLease. SkillingIndia: Given the slowdown in the job marke

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Sector Skill Councils to deliver industry-led skills plan in India

“It is our belief that the number of people skilled through the NSDC system would rise by March 31, 2013.” - Dilip Chenoy, CEO & MD, NSDC. SkillingIndia: From the time the Sector Skill


Organized modern retail creates a flurry for talent in India

“Retail exists wherever customers exist,” says Kumar Rajagopalan, CEO, Retailers Association of India. Here are the excerpts of the interview: SkillingIndia: What are the present challenge


Apprenticeships in Australia

“While there are some apprenticeships at school, the vast majority occurs after the individual leaves school.” - Dr. Tom Karmel, MD, NCVER SkillingIndia: Is apprenticeship an effective way


Is apprenticeship an effective way in skilling youth along with school?

  • Yes (93%, 309 Votes)
  • No (7%, 25 Votes)

Total Voters: 334

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