Mukti Mishra

A new perspective on the learning process of a migrant

“Migrants develop uncanny resilience and agility to fast-track the learning curve whether it is formal or informal,” states Prof (Dr) Mishra. SkillingIndia: What is the role of education in t

TISS discusses the concepts, indicators & practices of employability

In the context of emerging flexible labour market lifelong employment is receding. Technological changes and rapid product and service changes requires individuals with ability to adapt these change

Ambarish Datta

India’s finance industry shows a high need for finance specialists

“There is a high need for specialists finance professionals in the micro finance industry,” avers Ambarish Datta, MD & CEO of BSE Institute. SkillingIndia: What are the positives and neg

Mike Wallace

Australia offers options for retail education to youth in school

“Technological change is probably the biggest influence in the changing skills needs in the retail sector,” states Mike Wallace, CEO, ARC. SkillingIndia: What are the different education opti

Prof K K Pande

New ways for developing the nation’s demographic dividend

“Skills can be acquired, improved upon, polished or even changed,” says Prof. Krishna Kumar Pande, Director (International Affairs), Teerthanker Mahaveer University. SkillingIndia: Skill de

TISS talks on issues pertaining to labour law reform in India

Despite of labour laws been widely studied for almost a decade and various recommendations to re-invent/evolve labour laws in the current leg of globalization, the issues pertaining to welfare of labo

Jaydeep Shah-ICAI

New job roles for Chartered Accountants

“The expertise of CAs is now being utilized to a greater extent in insurance, IT, public finance, risk & assurance services, etc.” - Jaydeep Shah, President, ICAI SkillingIndia: In your o

TISS provides a business plan for employability enhancement

Unemployment and inadequacies in vocational training have been important issues which is prevalent in the Indian labour market since independence, when the growth rate of the nation was sluggish


Life skills for transformation

Life skills are needed to find a productive place in society as the economy changes by the day! Ask an average high school student in rural India any question and most likely you may have to repe

TISS discusses about the journey of jobless growth to inclusive growth in India

Jobless growth is a reality in India’s recent development story. Policy changes in the demand side of the labour market alone (such as moving away from capital intensive methods) for the purpose o

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